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Different Videos for Modern Brands

Hi, I’m Sergey.

I’ve been working for many years to help businesses and professionals like you to create the most adequate videos to reach your clients, share your vision and present your products and services.

Keep reading to learn more, know what clients say about their experience working with me and check out some of my previous video projects.

Inma Martinez

CPO at preadly

“The quality of his work is outstanding and as a professional he is super reliable, ensuring that the final product offers high production values and that it is launched and broadcasted within the agreed timeframes. I would not hesitate continuing working with Sergey and wholeheartedly recommend him as a video professional.”

Videos in 1-2-3

There’s three essential parts in the process of boosting your brand through video: I’ll help you with the ones you need or with the whole process from beginning to end.

1. Strategy

Identify the key opportunities for getting results with video and find out what’s being done in your market. You get from 0 to up-to-date with all you want to know and a specific plan to take action.

2. Production

Unique videos for your brand that will get you clients and tell your story. Script, filming, animation, special effects… from idea to screen.

3. Distribution

When you already have videos. Find out your key areas for improvement. Get a grasp of what your competitors are doing. Optimize your presence and get your videos seen by the right people.

Álvaro Verdoy

CEO at Sales Layer

“Sergey offers us the trust that we need to develop our audiovisual projects. He always brings fresh ideas to add a new perspective to the way of expressing our business and our brand values. Besides, he communicates constantly to make sure that we are aligned at every moment.”

Let's get in touch

It’s completely normal to have doubts. Before any unnecessary worries about budgets, just tell me all that you’re sure about and all that you’re not. The simplest action can lead to the greatest stories.

Javier Campos

Director and Co-Founder at Notikumi

“When you are used to working with creative agencies, many times you feel stuck between what you want, what you believe is best and what the agency thinks. With Sergey everything flows beautifully, as he is able to understand the concept to emphasize and to develop different approaches to translate the idea [on video] effectively. It is a pleasure working with him and, without doubt, we will trust his good work again.”